Rouge Garments Vampire Gloves
One pair of leather gloves with tiny metal spikes on the palms and fingers to make for punishing play with your partner.Colour: BlackFor Who: BothMaterial: LeatherBrand: Rouge Garments
EStimulation Vibrating Buttplug
Intensify your sex play with this brand new line of ELECTROSHOCK toys! Using electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings in erogenous zones, these vibrating stimulators will take your orgasms to a whole new level! By targeting the most intimate areas,...
Rouge Stainless Steel 5 Wheel Pin Wheel
Made from stainless steel with 5 wheels of spikes for the ultimate sensation in your play time. Can be warmed or cooled under hot or cold water to vary senstions even further.Length: 6.75 InchesWashing: Hot soapy water and toy cleanerColour:...
MyStim Pubic Enemy No 1 EStim Chastity Cock Cage
The persistent disorder must, of course, be punished. According to the mood of the caregiver and exactly in the intensity you deserve. Through the conductive surfaces on the left and right side of the cage, a gentle tingling, strong twitching...
Steel Power Tools Pin Wheel
The sensational Pin Wheel device is seven inches in length and at the end of the handle sits a spiked wheel which can be rolled over your victims body for delivering a tickling prick or roughly to inflict stabbing pain,...
MyStim Cluster Buster EStim Unit
Big Bang for the whole gang. The way the Cluster Buster provides a new kind of freedom to your love life can easily be called a sexual revolution. Kind of overnight that fellow managed to make all of our toys...
Vibrating Urethral Stimulation Mens Dilator
If you're an intrepid urethral explorer looking for perfectly precise stimulation, look no further than this sleek slate grey vibe.Combining a flexible texture with a gently rounded tip, the probe is easy to insert, ensuring safety and comfort, allowing you...
12 Piece Cupping System
There are 2 cups for each size. 0.625, 1, 1.25, 1.625, 2 and 2.25 inches Simple put on the skin and attach the handle pump and pull the trigger pump to remove the air and watch the skin rise into...
Vaginal Speculum Medium
Fancy taking a doctors role, playing the gynaecologist and delving deep into your lovers womanhood. Well you can with the Vaginal Speculum M a medical tool for opening the vagina to inspection. The sensational Vaginal Speculum M features rounded ends...
ElectraStim Electro Egg Probe
Both men and women will love the erotic potential of this curvy bi-polar electrode. Suitable for both vaginal and anal use, the flexible form provides targeted stimulation that makes Tadpole an expert G-spot massager and prostate stimulator. Experience the unique...
MyStim Little John Small EStim Butt Plug
Little John is more than just a playboy and for that, he loves to vanish where the sun hardly ever shines. As his body of bright polished aluminium narrows towards his gently rounded tip it makes it easy for you...
ElectraStim Flick Duo Electro Stimulation Pack
The ElectraStim Flick Duo is the worlds first rechargeable electro sex machine with 2 independent channels. Ideal for couples and power players who want to use more toys at the same time, Flick Duo can power up to 4 uni...
MyStim Oh Thello Dildo
Massive metal dildo for electrical exaltations. His roundings are full of relish and perfect for a very special anal or vaginal stimulation that provokes a tingling pleasure, that can lead you to sensational orgasms. Made of aluminium and accurately polished...
MyStim Flexing Flavio EStim Prostate Stimulator
No matter what course he is on, Flexing Flavio always comes around. Especially when he is cruising around your prostate. Unbelievable how far this prostate stimulator, including its baffles, can be bent and wangled into simply all directions. The secret...
ElectraStim Silicone Fusion Infinity Pinwheel
What Is Infinity? Incorporate the kinky side of electro-play into the bedroom with the Infinity Silicone Pinwheel. Inspired by the sharp metal Wartenberg wheels popular in fetish crowds, Infinitys sensual silicone softens the sensations for a more subtle type of...
ElectraStim Jack Socket Electrosex Stroker
Mens electro sex toys have come a long way in the last 10 years and thanks to modern technology, were able to create groundbreaking new toys that push the erotic boundaries of e-stim even further.nThe ElectraStim Jack Socket is a...
Rimba Electro Stimulation Butt Plug
Experience the pain and pleasure of this stainless steel electro butt plug. Made from highly conductive steel,the electro butt plug is one of our more challenging and rewarding anal toys.Length: 5.5 InchesWashing: Wipe downWidth: 4 InchesColour: SilverFlexibility: RigidFor Who: BothMaterial:...
MyStim Daring Danny Estim Vibrator
Satisfying your desire twice as muchnYour cry for love will be heard Daring Danny is here and ready to stimulate you clitorally and pamper you with vibration and stimulation at the same time. Because double is just better. Without any...
ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona GSpot Electro Probe
Proportioned to give her expert G spot massage, the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona Electrode was designed especially with women in mind. Thats not to say that the boys cant enjoy this top heavy probe, the tapered stem and anchored base...
MyStim Duke Stainless Steel Polished Cock Ring
Mystim cock rings made of 100 percent surgical stainless steel are not just erotic pieces of jewellery. They can also help you have longer and more intense sex. Never put on the cock ring on an erect penis. Start by...
Rimba Electro Stimulation Large Egg
If done at a proper setting these electro eggs can stimulate intense pleasure. Or, if the submissive has been naughty excrutiating pain.Length: 2.75 InchesWashing: Wipe downColour: SilverFlexibility: RigidFor Who: FemaleMaterial: MetalBrand: Rimba
Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug
The Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug is the perfect toy for fans of both bondage and anal play. As a simple butt plug, insert the cool steel bulb into your sub, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the...
Rouge 4 Pinwheel Set
A great medical device used for sensory stimulation, pain or pleasure play. This set contains a single, double, triple and a 5 pinwheel head. This set includes a soft pouch with an elastic holder for each pinwheel head and the...
Electrastim Silicone Fusion Viper BiPolar Cock Ring
Contoured for comfort and extended wear, the Silicone Fusion Viper Cock Ring is designed to sit comfortably against the pubic bone while hugging your penis and balls during electro play. The raised conductive paths inside the ring sit closely against...
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